sábado, 29 de janeiro de 2005

Emanuel Swedenborg [n. 29 Janeiro de 1688]

"Graças quero dar ao divino
Labirinto das causas, dos efeitos
Pela diversidade das criaturas
Que formam este singular universo,
Pela razão, que não deixará de sonhar
Com um plano do labirinto,
Por Swedenborg,
Que conversava com os anjos nas ruas de Londres ...
" [J. L. Borges]

"Taller than the others, this man
Walked among them, at a distance,
Now and then calling the angels
By their secret names. He would see
That which earthly eyes do not see:
The fierce geometry, the crystal
Labyrinth of God and the sordid
Milling of infernal delights.
He knew that Glory and Hell too
Are in your soul, with all their myths;
He knew, like the Greek, that the days
Of time are Eternity's mirrors.
In unadorned Latin he went on listing
The unconditional Last Things." [Borges, in Emanuel Swedenborg]