domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2006

Kenneth Patchen [1911 - m. 8 janeiro 1972]

"Dear God, I don't want to go to bed tonight. There should be a lock on what I have to think" [K.P.]

"Let us have madness openly.
0 men Of my generation.
Let us follow
The footsteps of this slaughtered age:
See it trail across Time's dim land
Into the closed house of eternity
With the noise that dying has,
With the face that dead things wear--
nor ever say
We wanted more; we looked to find
An open door, an utter deed of love,
Transforming day's evil darkness;
but We found extended hell and fog Upon the earth,
and within the head
A rotting bog of lean huge graves" [K.P., Let Us Have Madness]

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