segunda-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2006


Best Books of 2006 [N.Y.T.]

Em tempo de avaliação literária de 2006, o N.Y.T. Book Review avança com os "100 Notable Books of the Year".

Registe-se, aqui, alguns dos citados:

- Alentejo Blue, de Monica Ali, Scribner ["Alentejo Blue is set amid the cork oak forests of the southern Portuguese region known as the Alentejo"]

- America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and The Neoconservatice Legacy, de Francis Fukuyama, Yale University ["Today Fukuyama has decided to resign from the neoconservative movement - though for reasons that, as he expounds them, may seem a tad ambiguous. In his estimation, neoconservative principles in their pristine version remain valid even now"]

- Collected Poems (1947-1997), de Allen Ginsberg, Harper Collins ["Gay, in the lotus position, with a beard, wreathed in a cloud of marijuana smoke and renowned as the author of a 'dirty' poem whose first public reading in a West Coast gallery was said to have turned the 1950s into the '60s in a single night, Allen Ginsberg embodied, as a figure, some great cold war climax of human disinhibition"]

- Everyman, de Philip Roth, Houghton Mifflin ["For three of the world's best novelists, Fuentes, García Márquez and Roth, the violent upsurge of sexual desire in the face of old age is the opposition of man to his own creation, death"]

- Flaubert: A Biography, por Frederick Brown, Little Brown ["Much of the time Flaubert's influence is too familiar to be visible"]

- Happiness: A History, de Darrin M. McMahon, Atlantic Monthly ["Happiness is not really a polemic. It is a history, one that takes us on a leisurely Great Books-style tour of Western thought, ranging from Herodotus and Aristotle through Locke and Rousseau down to Darwin, Marx and Freud. The musings on happiness of these and dozens of lesser thinkers are lucidly presented in fine, sturdy prose that is, on the whole, a delight to read"]

- New and Collected Poems (1964-2006), de Ishmael Reed, Carroll & Graf ["Reed is among the most American of American writers, if by "American" we mean a quality defined by its indefinability and its perpetual transformations as new ideas, influences and traditions enter our cultural conversation"]

- State of Denial, por Bob Woodward, Simon & Schuster ["Part 3 of the 'Bush at War' cycle, by the longtime Washington Post reporter and editor, describes the inept conduct of the invasion and occupation of Iraq"]

- The Courtier and the Heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza, and the Fate of God in the Modern World, de Mattew Steward, Norton ["In Spinoza's time, the question that gripped hidebound thinkers leery of flouting popular opinion or alienating wealthy patrons, was this: If you believed in Spinoza's God, were you not in actuality an atheist, an offense then punishable by exile, imprisonment or death?"]